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Korean Fastest Rapper Shin Ok-cheol Known As Outsider

Shin Ok-cheol also known as the Outsider is a South Korean Rapper. Had the list not been created by the ones who only understand English, Outsider would have been the fastest rapper of all time. Outsider is actually capable of rapping 21 syllables per second.

Outsider (Shin Ok Chul) is due to appear on SBS’s “Jagiya” on May 5. He comes to the set, not as the rapper Outsider, but as Shin Ok Chul, a son-in-law of five years. When talking about his married life, he confesses, “When I’m fighting with my wife, I nag faster than I rap.”

Then, “When I’m pouring out all my speedy nagging, my wife, after listening to everything, says, “Are you finished? Do you feel better?” to me, and never turns it into a fight,” he explains.

korean rapper outsider
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