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Essence of Corporate Leaders By Ajay Bhat Monnet

Conceptually Management & leadership are two different sides of the same coin. All executives are managers, in fact all employees may classified as managers for the assigned task & responsibility but in essence only the executives working in top positions are genuinely defined as the, management of the company. Among the top management the Leaders by implication are the people with vision, deep understanding of business, acumen, drive, ability to lead & guide people, risk taking ability etc.

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All managers are not leaders but all leaders are managers.

Tens & hundreds of books have been written on leadership, management institutions from ivy leagues to well-known business schools teach leadership. Therefore it’s a much discussed & debated subject. The question is, Do we get leaders from ivy leagues & business schools? or humming books on leadership. The answer is clearly big NO.

In my experience of corporate sector essentially Group CFO 0f Monnet & after watching companies of all sizes & reputations, I dwelt upon this subject & realized that there are basic fundamental characteristics which make genuine leaders or so to say senior corporate managers assigned with leadership roles.

These fundamental characteristics may be classified as;

  • Academic & Professional Background
  • Job Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Attitude
  • Approach
ajay bhat monnet corporate blog
ajay bhat monnet corporate blog
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